Travel, fashion, urban lifestyle and visual arts have long since been of great interest to us here at Lorhues. From the growing trend of the shabby chic culture to restorations of vintage items and fashion styles which encourage boldness and individuality, the aim of Lorhues is to showcase these trends particularly with a view of promoting self actualisation and confidence to be your one true self.


We believe every individual is unique. From fashion to travel, arts and lifestyle choices, we recognise certain similarities in style and taste based on trends, we however believe that individuality makes you stand out. It is a statement, a self knowing!

On our travels, we rummage through the back streets and high street shops of cities and villages, treasure hunting, picking up unique and historical items that tell stories of the people and their cultures and how these objects have influenced their ways of life and beliefs.


Most of the items we collect are kept as memorabilia, sold off to galleries and shops in London, Africa and Europe.


We work with upcoming artists from around the world, especially African talents, showcasing their unique designs and products such as paintings, sculptures and handmade accessories, in pop-up locations in London, Africa and Europe.


At Lorhues, colour is BOLDNESS!!

We are now developing our line of branded goods specifically for the uber-trendy gents and ladies. These will include hats, 100% designer leather goods and printed T-shirts.

Image by yuri hwang