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Travel, urban art and lifestyle choices have long since been of great interest to us here at Lorhues. On our travels, we explore various regional foods, arts, cultures and the everyday challenges of urban living.


We are inspired by old traditions and fashion styles passed down through generations. Our focus is to blend the vintage and the modern, rebirth the shabby chic culture, discover new ways of self-representation and expression in order to release the inner you.

Our Beliefs

Boldness, courage, individuality, self-actualisation and passion for life are what we strive for.

We believe every individual is unique. We recognise certain similarities in style and taste, however, we believe individuality makes you stand out. It is a statement of self identity!


We work with upcoming artists from around the world, showcasing their unique designs and products such as paintings, sculptures and handmade accessories, in pop-up locations in London, Africa and Europe.

At Lorhues, Colour is Boldness!!

We are fascinated by the richness in colours and their use in ways that encourage boldness and individuality.

Lorhues is about the individual who sets no boundaries in style, ready to experiment with colours, defining a way of life that suits the inner self.

Jane Doe

Discovering a world that opens up all possibilities is the Lorhues way.

John Doe

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Latest News

The Lorhues Brand

We are now developing our line of branded goods specifically for the uber-trendy gents and ladies. These will include hats, 100% designer leather goods and printed Shirts and T-shirts.