Month: Jan 2015

From ‘The Chameleon’

“……It was close to midnight, the docks looked deserted. A solitary figure walked down the darkened alley, body leaning against the roughness of the walls that felt like thorns from the bushes of the tiny village of Andakka in the hills of the Sebian valleys. His mind flashed back to the night before, at the meeting with Lionel. ‘What am I thinking?’, the lonely … Read More From ‘The Chameleon’

The Final Whistle

“He strolled down, one step at a time, counting every step, mind torn into thousand pieces. Looking up with eyes filled with determination, the referee’s whistle kissing his lips so tenderly, Benji knew this was the moment he had dreamt of in a thousand dreams, dreams of glory, of satisfaction so powerful he could taste the sweetness, like honeydrops from an angel’s fingers. The … Read More The Final Whistle

Little Mabel ! !!!

She stared through the darkened stained glass, her reflection lost in its darkness; A lone voice whispers in the distance, Within the walls of the dilapidated Cathedral; Heart racing as with the fright of a thousand horses, Eyes blinded with tears, She climbed down the stairs, Creaking harshly in the dead of the night, The sound piercing through the vast hall; Afraid ‘Massa’ might … Read More Little Mabel ! !!!

Festival of New Life ~ A Short African Poem

The men dance to the rhythm of the Samba beat, Wrappers flailing with wildness to the night’s gusty wind; Children gathered under the thatched-roof shed beside the giant Iroko tree, Listening to the words flowing from the wrinkled lips of the wizened old man; Mothers with babies under their arms, suckling on the milk of life; Daughters pounding hard with pestles, the new yam … Read More Festival of New Life ~ A Short African Poem

Life in the Sociosphere: A view through the social media lens.

Years ago, I was in a swanky bar with some friends in the City sipping some red wine, my favourite tipple,  discussing the elections in America and the arrival of the new kid on the block, some dude named Barack Obama. The question was on his background and race and if indeed the USA was ready to  elect a black kid from Kenya, albeit … Read More Life in the Sociosphere: A view through the social media lens.

Crazy ‘ol World

Every few minutes we pop open the soul of our hearts, searching, seeking for truth – truth in what purpose we are here for. The truth is that knowledge envelopes our discovery, penetrating our minds, encouraging a deeper consciousness – the ephemeral, the untouchable. We live in a world ruled by ‘intelligentsias’, some of them however complete nincompoops, so I see. Ruled through a … Read More Crazy ‘ol World