Month: Jan 2015

Keep the spirit alive!

On my way to work this morning I sat beside a very beautiful petite lady whom I assumed was around 30. For 10 minutes she sat quietly,  tears rolling down her beautiful cheeks. With a tissue she constantly dabbed her eyes. I wondered what could make such lady so tearful in a crowded train. Had to ask her what was wrong. Story was she … Read More Keep the spirit alive!

Societal and Ethical Disintegration and the Common Man

An interlocution into the social and ethical state of the society tends to reveal a deep-rooted origin of how the societal norms and dictates came to bear on today’s world. Suffice to say that the society as we know it today has undergone spiralling and reformatory changes over many centuries. It is however worth engaging the mind on the various processes that have created … Read More Societal and Ethical Disintegration and the Common Man

Irony of Life

Earlier this evening, on my way to a meeting, feeling miserable and in a right old state, I couldn’t get my eyes off this middle-aged man, walking down the sidewalk opposite me. He was blind, being guided by his walking stick; no guide dog, nothing! ‘He must have walked these roads a thousand times’, I thought. And then it hit me……as it has probably … Read More Irony of Life

The Weeping Groom

To my love Nigeria “You shan’t kill anymore….for in killing we become dead to self….dead to passion. …dead to grace… You have lost that spark I once saw….felt and embraced. .. You have become a symbol of melancholy. …for the beauty of life you once had…the joy of fatherhood….the hope of great tidings and dreams….have been washed away….replaced with a hollowness undefined. .. There … Read More The Weeping Groom

Little things that matter!

The other day I took my 5 year old daughter shopping for new wellies….she was so keen to have them on straight from the department store. I did oblige her. Kids will always be kids. ..unbeknownst to me she had earlier sighted a massive pool of water and her sole desire at that time was to splash about in this puddle, dance and ‘mess’ … Read More Little things that matter!

The Politics of Hate

2015 is around the corner. ..all over the social media and real world, you meet those who, out of bitterness, envy and malice, sow seeds of discord/dissonance, stab friends and allies behind their backs. These folks have a lot to learn about life. I believe a lot of people are products of their environment, from childhood through to adulthood. It is important to search … Read More The Politics of Hate