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As a foodie, I love to try out new foods and experiment with flavours.

There are so many herbs and mixed spices one can play with, and when you hit the bullseye, it’s just a delight.

I bought some baby potatoes a few days ago and this morning I decided to try something new.

I’ve got this white wine I just love so much because of its Lemony and limy taste which I find absolutely fabulous – the Tesoro de Castilla, Verdejo 2015.

Got my baby potatoes washed and in the pot of salted (sea salt) boiling water they went, then I reduced the heat to allow the potatoes to cook gently.

After about 5 minutes, I went experimenting.

Got my rack of spices, selected Oregano, Thyme and chilli flakes. Out came my fresh Parsley, Carrots, Broccoli and Extra virgin oil and Cumberland sausages.

Poured into the pot about 6 tablespoon full of extra virgin oil, added the dried herbs and let to boil for another 4 minutes, occasionally stirring.

Next I added my sausages and a glass of wine. After 4/5 minutes I added my fresh herbs, Carrots and broccoli and let to simmer for  another 2 minutes, until the potatoes were soft to my liking.

The result was a delight. Flavours mixing together. The Parsley, dried herbs and Lemony taste of the wine produced a very delicious meal.

Give it a shot folks 😉😊.

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