It’s another time of the year when the girls and I jet off exploring our little world. This time we are off to some German cities and then to Amsterdam, one of our favourite European destinations.

In April, we spent a few days exploring the beautiful Cologne city, a “2,000-year-old city spanning the Rhine River in western Germany”, which is described as the ‘region’s cultural hub’.

What we found quite awe-inspiring were the high Gothic architecture, which huddled within the reconstructed old town. A major must-see is the Gothic Cologne Cathedral which sits proudly close to the Rhein river.

You also have the Hohenzollernbrücke or the Hohenzollern Bridge with its hundreds of thousands of interlocking padlocks left behind by lovers who declare their undying love for each other and then throw the keys into the Rhein River. How romantic 🤗.

This time we plan to spend a few days in Köln, then travel across some major German cities in the North Rhine-Westphalia and finally finish off in Amsterdam.

Should be fun and full of adventure 👍.

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