What’s the best time of the year for you?

I’ve always felt my best during the cold winter months, especially at Christmas time. The smell of festivities, Christmas markets, smiles and joy is so overwhelmingly exciting I just want to relive the moments time and time again.

While taking a ride on the Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe (KVB) trams in this rather hot August German summer day with my young explorers (if you plan to stay in Cologne for up to a week or plan using the public transport system, it would be best you grab a kölncard before the start of your journeys to enjoy free rides and discounts – KölnCard – https://www.cologne-tourism.com/book-buy/koelncard/), I couldn’t help but wonder what the city would look and feel like during the Christmas festive season. Got me reminiscing on our last Christmas holiday spent in Strasbourg, the European Capital. Such a beautiful sight, especially a visit to Strasbourg’s Marché de Nöel de Strasbourg, arguably the best Christmas market in Europe. There you will also find the famous Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg, another fine example of the late gothic architecture, just like the gothic edifice of the Cologne Cathedral.

Another point of note. I always make it compulsory asking the little adventurers what they think of every city they visit. That way, they develop individual and critical thinking minds, tools they’d need even more massively as adults.

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