From shabby chic furnishings through to Retro outfits and style, to modern contemporary Art and lifestyle, we seamlessly blend the old world with the new as we see the modern through the lens  of the classic.

At Lorenzo’s ART and Lifestyle WORLD, we have a fascination for the Arts including objet d’art, paintings, sculptures and so on, especially those that have deep-rooted connection to African and Asian cultures and heritage.

We enjoy sharing tips and ideas on issues from travel to keep-fit regimen, to food for the sophisticated palate and grooming for today’s style-savvy gentleman and lady.

Because of our love for story-telling, we will be sharing some of our experiences, and photos of some of the stuffs we get up to, on our Blog page.

You can also purchase items from our Marketplace page, most of which we consider must-haves.

We hope you find this site a revelation in many ways.



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