On our searches for new treasures, we have discovered unique art pieces with hundreds’ year old history.

Once we found this beautiful piece of baroque ceramic pottery in an old man’s shop in Timişoara, Romania. Old man said it had been part of a lot found during a clearance of an old mansion which had been locked up and abandoned for more than seventy years. Back in London, we had this item dated. Turned out it was more than two centuries old.

Pick a hobby!

Regularly try out something new. Build beautiful memories. For me, I love exploring, searching for vintage items, from clothing through to various types of artworks. Oftentimes when travelling in Europe and other parts of the world for holiday or on behalf of my clients, I have come across some absolute gem in old and tired-looking antique shops. Don’t be deceived, some of these little back-alley shops are like treasure troves!!



At a festival with friends in Cologne, Germany

At Lorhues, adventure is a way of life!!

Traveling and exploring can be rejuvenating, bringing a sort of newness to life.

Like many of you, sometimes meeting the complex demands of today’s everyday living can be exhausting. I have found that being creative, having the ability to conceptualise new ideas and putting these ideas to play help in maintaining both physical and mental health. Travelling and seeing new places, meeting new and interesting people and learning new cultures have done wonders in my rather tedious life. Maryia Viarkhusha also suggests these 10 activities  to help boost one’s creative thinking and lifestyle in order to enjoy a healthier life balance.

Meeting interesting locals, travelling through some amazing landscapes, experiencing different cultures and traditions are things I yearn for every waking moment.

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