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You are driving and you come across a roundabout and have three options: indicate your exit and follow through, stay put where you are, for as long as you want, until you can figure out where the heck to go or continue on your journey, taking a chance and if you discover you’d taken the wrong turn, retrace your route until you get it … Read More ROUNDABOUT OF LIFE!!

Little Mabel ! !!!

She stared through the darkened stained glass, her reflection lost in its darkness; A lone voice whispers in the distance, Within the walls of the dilapidated Cathedral; Heart racing as with the fright of a thousand horses, Eyes blinded with tears, She climbed down the stairs, Creaking harshly in the dead of the night, The sound piercing through the vast hall; Afraid ‘Massa’ might … Read More Little Mabel ! !!!

Crazy ‘ol World

Every few minutes we pop open the soul of our hearts, searching, seeking for truth – truth in what purpose we are here for. The truth is that knowledge envelopes our discovery, penetrating our minds, encouraging a deeper consciousness – the ephemeral, the untouchable. We live in a world ruled by ‘intelligentsias’, some of them however complete nincompoops, so I see. Ruled through a … Read More Crazy ‘ol World