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Your life is your Canvas, your Clay!!

“Life starts on a blank canvas. You are the Artist. Through life, you paint many pictures, some good and others bad. Today, Now, is the time to produce your best pictures yet” ~ Lorenzo Very frequently we sit back and reminisce on the good old days, those carefree days when we were young and had little care for the world. We were not burdened … Read More Your life is your Canvas, your Clay!!

The Final Whistle

“He strolled down, one step at a time, counting every step, mind torn into thousand pieces. Looking up with eyes filled with determination, the referee’s whistle kissing his lips so tenderly, Benji knew this was the moment he had dreamt of in a thousand dreams, dreams of glory, of satisfaction so powerful he could taste the sweetness, like honeydrops from an angel’s fingers. The … Read More The Final Whistle