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Little Mabel ! !!!

She stared through the darkened stained glass, her reflection lost in its darkness; A lone voice whispers in the distance, Within the walls of the dilapidated Cathedral; Heart racing as with the fright of a thousand horses, Eyes blinded with tears, She climbed down the stairs, Creaking harshly in the dead of the night, The sound piercing through the vast hall; Afraid ‘Massa’ might … Read More Little Mabel ! !!!

Crazy ‘ol World

Every few minutes we pop open the soul of our hearts, searching, seeking for truth – truth in what purpose we are here for. The truth is that knowledge envelopes our discovery, penetrating our minds, encouraging a deeper consciousness – the ephemeral, the untouchable. We live in a world ruled by ‘intelligentsias’, some of them however complete nincompoops, so I see. Ruled through a … Read More Crazy ‘ol World