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Why Some Married Women Cheat ~ Views of a Male Escort

“Fishes in a glass bowl, swimming ever so freely; in a bowl they live, ever bound within; trapped they are, for in that bowl, there’s no escape” ~ Lorenzo Tim is a 45 year-old retired man-for-hire, a male escort. His other services involved pleasing his female clients, offering sex for a fee. This lifestyle afforded Tim countless holidays to the Côte d’Azur, romantic escapes … Read More Why Some Married Women Cheat ~ Views of a Male Escort

Marriage – A very Unique Union

One thing people must understand is that in reality, there’s NO textbook approach to having a happy and long lasting marriage ~ individuals differ, circumstances differ, the conditions under which the marriage was consummated differ.  One of the basic premise of relationship is on what foundation was/is the relationship laid on? There have been reports of spouses killing the other…you wonder how come? Situations … Read More Marriage – A very Unique Union

Marriage – A Union of Two Halves?

Life’s Choices ~ To share your life with another is a gift to each other. Make that gift count – Lorenzo Getting married and staying married is one of the greatest aspirations of people the world over. Finding true and lasting happiness with someone you could call your soul mate, one you could share your life with, makes it even more desirable, especially in … Read More Marriage – A Union of Two Halves?