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Life in the Sociosphere: A view through the social media lens.

Years ago, I was in a swanky bar with some friends in the City sipping some red wine, my favourite tipple,  discussing the elections in America and the arrival of the new kid on the block, some dude named Barack Obama. The question was on his background and race and if indeed the USA was ready to  elect a black kid from Kenya, albeit … Read More Life in the Sociosphere: A view through the social media lens.

Crazy ‘ol World

Every few minutes we pop open the soul of our hearts, searching, seeking for truth – truth in what purpose we are here for. The truth is that knowledge envelopes our discovery, penetrating our minds, encouraging a deeper consciousness – the ephemeral, the untouchable. We live in a world ruled by ‘intelligentsias’, some of them however complete nincompoops, so I see. Ruled through a … Read More Crazy ‘ol World

The Weeping Groom

To my love Nigeria “You shan’t kill anymore….for in killing we become dead to self….dead to passion. …dead to grace… You have lost that spark I once saw….felt and embraced. .. You have become a symbol of melancholy. …for the beauty of life you once had…the joy of fatherhood….the hope of great tidings and dreams….have been washed away….replaced with a hollowness undefined. .. There … Read More The Weeping Groom