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Himalayan Salt v Other Sea Salts & Table Salt – My verdict

Lifestyle Choices The other day while going through various posts on social media, I stumbled on a discussion between a couple of friends about the Pink Salt also known as the Himalayan Salt.  It caught my attention because, several years ago, I was in a friend’s house and I had seen this pink salt. I thought nothing of it because I already used these … Read More Himalayan Salt v Other Sea Salts & Table Salt – My verdict


Why Some Women Cheat

Lifestyle Choices “Fishes in a glass bowl, swimming ever so freely; in a bowl they live, ever bound within; trapped they are, for in that bowl, there’s no escape” ~ Lorenzo Tim is a 45 year-old retired man-for-hire, a male escort. His other services involved pleasing his female clients, offering sex for a fee. This lifestyle afforded Tim countless holidays to the Côte d’Azur, … Read More Why Some Women Cheat

Travel – An Escape from Reality

Lifestyle Choices Back in December 2014 I took some time off from my London life to enjoy the sights and sounds of beautiful Turkey. It was a holiday I was looking forward to with eagerness as I needed some time away to relax from a rather challenging year. Turkey is one of the most exciting countries I have ever had the privilege of visiting. … Read More Travel – An Escape from Reality


Shabby chic culture

Lifestyle Choices There is indeed a growing and hugely popular trend catching on with the stylish young and not-so-young folks out there – as the French would call it, the ‘rustique’ look. Others more fashion savvy and in with anything stylish see this as the ‘shabby-chic’ look. The shabby chic look is slightly differentiated from other more worn look as it has that air … Read More Shabby chic culture


The Classic Man

Lifestyle Choices The Classic Man As the saying goes, “The eyes might be the window to the soul, but shoes are the window to just about everything else”. I remember some years ago walking into a shop and picking up a bottle of the Original Old Spice Aftershave. Why? I needed to be reminded of that distinctive classic masculine smell, the smell of the … Read More The Classic Man

Marriage – A very Unique Union

One thing people must understand is that in reality, there’s NO textbook approach to having a happy and long lasting marriage ~ individuals differ, circumstances differ, the conditions under which the marriage was consummated differ.  One of the basic premise of relationship is on what foundation was/is the relationship laid on? There have been reports of spouses killing the other…you wonder how come? Situations … Read More Marriage – A very Unique Union