A View through the Wire ~ A SHORT Story

Samantha rolled off the bed, suddenly aware how late it was. ‘Gosh!!, that was meant to be a short nap!’. It was now after two in the afternoon and she had slept for good three hours. She looked around and wondered where Jim was. She could still smell his masculine scent on the sheets. Throwing on her housecoat, she walked lazily into the bathroom and turned on the tap. “A good hot soak is what I need right now”, she thought. She looked out the little window, misty from the freezing cold outside, and wondered why loving was such a painful experience. Suddenly she felt vulnerable, like she was fighting a battle only she could lose.

She remembered that first night with Aileen, Joe and Kenya. It was a fun evening. Joe had just been promoted onto the company board and he and Aileen were ecstatic. Joe and Aileen were such great company. They all had been talking about relationships when suddenly Joe mentioned he was expecting a friend Jim who had just moved back to London from Brisbane with his two little daughters. He was a single dad, mid fourties and ready to mingle, so Joe believed.

Later on that evening when Jim walked into the bar and headed straight to their table, Samantha knew instantly there was something about this man. She immediately felt his eyes all over her, running through her length, and back to her eyes. She could see he was checking her out with such intensity that she suddenly felt naked, as though he already had a good peep into her very soul. She wanted to turn away as he drew closer to the table, eyes still fixed on her. It was like in a dream, like everything had stopped and she found herself trapped in a room with no escape. As he got to the table, hand stretched out to her for a handshake, she almost passed out. That was seven months.

As she soaked in her scented bathwater, still reminiscing on that first meeting, she wondered what future she could possibly build with Jim. She closed her eyes once again and let the sweet smell of lavender take her away into a world full of hopes and dreams.

Jim had left her to sleep and had buried himself in his work. ‘Damn!’ He swore under his breath. He loved that woman. She was everything he desired and wanted in his woman. He had abstained from having any intimate relationships for close to two years, focusing instead on being a dad and mum to his little princesses. They had formed a close relationship, he and his daughters, and he didn’t want anything to destroy the bond he had built with the girls. He loved them so much and was afraid starting a new relationship could alienate the girls. He knew at some point the girls would need a mother, so he had been told oftentimes by his mates. He was not sure if he wanted to change things as they were. He was beginning to enjoy his own company and space, until that night he set eyes on Samantha. Now seven months on, he knew he was in love, or was he?

To be continued……..

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